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Pension Marek is situated in the relaxed environment in the outskirt of Prague and already 27 years offers quality accomodation and dining in self restaurant.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Menu card

Daily menu 39 CZK
Hors d'oeuvres
Toast with ham and cheese (2pcs.) 69 CZK
Viennese bratwurst with mustard and bread 49 CZK
Chicken liver with onions (bread) 129 CZK

Cold dishes
150g Ham plate 139 CZK
150g Cheese plate 139 CZK
150g Mix plate 139 CZK

Children dishes
100g Fisch fillet with Pommes frittes 89 CZK

Main dishes
250g Fried pork schnitzel 149 CZK
250g Fried pork chop with ham and cheese 169 CZK
250g Pork steak with ham and egg 149 CZK
250 g Pork steak - Florida (fruit, cheese) 159 CZK
250g Beef goulash 149 CZK
250g Oriental mixture (chicken) 139 CZK
250g Fried chicken breast 149 CZK
250g Chicken breast, natural style 149 CZK
250g Entrecote Argentina style 219 CZK
300g Trout, natural style 189 CZK
250g Spaghetti Bolognese 99 CZK
250g Fried cheese (Tatar sauce) 149 CZK
200g Egg omellette with ham and mushrooms 89 CZK

Czech specialities
250g Roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings 169 CZK
250g Old Czech plate with kraut and dumplings 189 CZK
450g Roast duck with red kraut and dumplings (per order) 189 CZK

150g Potatoes Amerikan 39 CZK
150g Rösti 35 CZK
150g Pommes frittes 29 CZK
150g Rice 29 CZK
150g Dumplings 29 CZK
150g Potato slices 29 CZK
80g Tatar sauce 19 CZK
Cucumber 35 CZK
Tomato 35 CZK
Shop’s salad 45 CZK
Mix salad 40 CZK

150g Pancake with jam and whipped cream 69 CZK
150g Pancake with ice cream and whipped cream 79 CZK

Ice cream cup with whipped cream 69 CZK
Ice cream cup with whipped cream and fruit 79 CZK
Ice cream cup with whipped cream, fruit and liqueur 99 CZK

Condiments and bread and rolls are calculated in the price of dishes.
All dishes are served with rich vegetable garnish.
We can prepare a half portion of some dishes at your desire, for 70 % price.




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